Countdown to CT, PART THE THIRD

I don't know what kind of weirdo you are, but if awesome fairs and Streets of Sin aren't enough for you, then perhaps a tour of Berlin's historical homes is more your style:

*The link will take you to Casey's tripod-hosted site, so unless you've some kind of pop-up blocker, expect to be assaulted by ten trillion pop-up ads. Sorry.

I'm not sure if this is explained in the tour anywhere, but once upon a time four years ago, the Berlin Town Council decided to create a new "blight" ordinance, probably because they couldn't think of any more decency ordinances. The ordinance was introduced with a "blight" list, which provided the addresses and owners of eleven (I think) properties that were in violation of the ordinance. How embarassing for them. The house by the post office with the bathtub in the backyard did not make the list, leading me to wonder what could be more "blighted" than that. So I gathered Casey, Chris, and my brother/cameraman Ryan to go on a video and photo tour of Berlin's Most Blighted.