Today begins my first day of unemployment. Work on The Apprentice shall continue, but without me, because I'm going back to CT for a few weeks. My uncle is getting married in England, so I'll be flying home, then to England, and then back to CT, where I'll hang out for a while until Survivor starts again.

There is so much to look forward to:

1. The Berlin Fair: how thoughtful of my uncle and soon-to-be aunt to plan their wedding right around the time of the Berlin Fair, so I could have an excuse to come home and go to the Fair. The Berlin Fair is awesome, y'all. There are tractor pulls and horse shows and carnies and craft contests. It doesn't even matter that the same five people enter the same wooden car models and quilts every year so they can get the same "Best in Show" prize and accompanying ten dollar award. And the Pisgah Mountain Primatives are back this year!

2. Discovery Health Channel: finally, I have a few hours so I can catch up on all the medical documentary shows I've missed since the last time I was unemployed. I kicked it off right last night by watching a three-hour documentary in the "Extreme Surgeries" series. Prominently featured in the show was Geoff Ritchie, who has a port wine stain birthmark that puts Mikhail Gorbachov to shame. Only click on the link if you are ready to see a hardcore birthmark, the likes of which you have probably never seen before. And even after his seven "extreme" surgeries, there wasn't much the doctors could do for Geoff. So that was depressing, but then they also had some bits about two girls with severe scoliosis who had successful -- and "extreme" -- back surgeries that straightened everything out. When I watch shows like this, I almost miss my days working in the hospital lab with no windows. Almost.

3. Writing: I'm not coming back to LA without finishing something. That's all there is to it. For a while now, I've had some ideas that I want to get started on, but I didn't have the time. Well, now I have the time. So I guess I should do it.

4. I think my uncle is getting married or something. That should be fun. Oh, and seeing my family. I guess that'll be cool too.