When I started this blog, lo those many days ago, I wasn't planning on getting many visitors other than family and friends. I figured I would play around with it for a little while, see what I could do with it, and see if I even liked doing it before I had it put on Damn Hell Ass Kings or put it in my TWoP staff profile.

And then Pamie linked to it from her site and all these people started coming to visit! I put a counter on the page and there were 150 hits in one day! The "geo tracker" feature says that people from almost every continent are coming here! People are leaving comments about the traffic in Thailand! I learned to never underestimate Pamie's blogging powers when she got in contact with an old childhood friend through it, but I still didn't expect this to happen. The site traffic has since decreased by about half, but considering that I only emailed five people about this blog and I forgot to put the URL of my blog in the email, I have to assume that most of them are still people I don't know.

This is all great, but I do want to say that had I known I would get hits like this, I never would have posted an entry about workplace pooping habits. That wasn't very classy and I'm sorry. Plus, I offended that one anonymous person with a bowel disorder even though in the entry I clearly said that sometimes when you have to go, you have to go, and that's okay. It's the people who take clear pleasure out of taking a break from their workday to do it that I don't appreciate. And I know they exist because right after I posted that entry, one of my-workers came back in the room and we were like, "where were you the last hour?" And he sat back in his chair, put his feet up on the desk, smiled and said, "I was taking a dooker, and it was awesome." He also said that he does not have a bowel disorder so I don't want to see another comment about that.

I swear that will be the last thing I say about workplace pooping habits. I know I said I wouldn't say any more about it and then I said something about it, but, from now on, there will be nothing. And please sign your names when you leave comments. If you don't have a blogger account, your name comes up as "anonymous." I want to know who is writing stuff, unless it's another comment about having a bowel disorder and I swear I'll never mention poop in my blog again.