Time = Saved

I woke up at 6 this morning (I've given up all hope of waking up at 5:30. It's just not going to happen) to the shrill tones of my alarm clock, which were quickly silenced when I pressed the snooze button and fell back asleep. I woke up again, this time feeling uniquely rested. I haven't woken up feeling anything but suicidal since my new job started. Perhaps, I thought, things have changed. Perhaps I want to go to work for ten hours and I did actually get enough sleep last night. Perhaps -- and then I saw that it was 8:33.

It turns out that it was actually 7:33 and I, trapped somewhere between deeply asleep and awake, had pressed the hour button on my clock instead of the snooze button, thus setting it forward an hour and not activating the snooze function. I ended up getting to work right before 9, a much more civilized time to start one's workday. It's also right before my bosses come in and start their day, so no one even noticed my tardiness. And you know what? I got just about as much work done in eight hours as I do in ten.

Here's how this happened:

1. I did not take a lunch break. Time = saved!
2. I did not incessantly IM my mother and beg her for an early inheritance so I wouldn't have to work anymore. Time = saved!
3. I did not drink excessive amounts of water just to be able to leave my desk to go to the bathroom. Time = saved!
4. I probably spend about an accumulated hour each day just yawning. Because I wasn't as tired, I spent only half that time yawning today. Time = saved!
5. I did play Snood a whole lot. Time = not saved.

But the best part was I got to see the extremely brief shower driving into work. Since my office has no windows, I would have missed this had I actually arrived at work on time. It's the first time I've seen rain in something like six months.

In conclusion, going into work late has made me happier, more well-rested, able to see rare events in the natural world, and it gave my long-suffering mother a break. And I suffered no reprecussions, except for my guilty conscience, which I didn't have. Something to think about...