First Post

So I went and created a blog because everyone else was doing it and I always succumb to peer pressure. Also pressure from my parents, who were all "we really want to know what's happening to you out there," and "Casey's parents get to read all about his life on his blog," except that Casey hasn't updated his blog in weeks, so not really.

This blog is going to detail my life in Los Angeles. I moved out here in late January, but only just now have I finally paid off my credit card bills and feel like I have enough time to do this. It's probably also good writing practice, and since I'm out here to be a writer, that's probably, like, a good idea.

Here's a picture I took of the city with my new digital camera. Check out how I edited it to make it look all professional:

I think that my picture is really symbolic because you can see the Hollywood sign, but then also there's a stoplight on Sunset. That probably means that there are a lot of obstacles to making it in Hollywood. And you can only go 30 miles per hour. I don't know; I took the picture while I was anxiously waiting for the light to turn green, hoping it would before the homeless man with the sign walked by my car. He always makes me feel so guilty.