Another Post About Work, And How It Sucks

A few weeks ago I was coming home from work and I got on the elevator from the parking garage. My landlord was there too. He kind of creeps me out so I wasn't too thrilled about this, but then we started to talk:

LANDLORD: You look tired. Are you just getting back from work?
SARA: [sighs] Yeah.
LANDLORD: It is no fun, eh?
SARA: Not even a little bit, no.
LANDLORD: Work is like going to jail. And you can never get out.
SARA and LANDLORD: [sad sigh]

I was going to say something about how maybe while Landlord was stuck in his work-jail he could try to do something about the whistling pipes I've been handing in work orders about for the last three weeks, but I decided not to ruin what was an otherwise nice moment.