The Bomb

I haven't been able to update these last two days because I've been really busy with the show I recap for TWoP and Survivor both premiering this week. And it's not like I would have written anything especially positive anyway; office morale is at an all-time low now that we've run out of the free tuna and are stuck with the lunch options of either PB&J or paying six dollars for a cup of chili at the ridiculously overpriced nearby eating establishment. It's the only eating establishment in the vicinity with the exception of a gas station that sells "The Bomb" burritos. "The Bomb" burritos contain something like 680 calories. In each serving. And there are two servings. And I'm ashamed to report that I have eaten a The Bomb on two occasions. You may ask yourself just why they're called "The Bomb." I, too, asked this question. Perhaps, I thought, this burrito will figuratively explode with delicious flavor. But no, as it happens, the explosion is a much more literal and vastly more unpleasant one, although I promised I wouldn't talk about stuff like that anymore so I'll leave it there.

In conclusion: I'm having a busy week but I'll finally post the pictures from my scandalous birthday party when it's all said and done. Also, don't eat at the gas station even if there's no more free tuna and you don't have enough money for expensive chili.