An Attack of Conscience!

The entry I put up last night was done when I was...slightly emotional. In a fit of pique, you might say. There was a camel's back, and a straw fell on it and it broke. In the cold, harsh, light of morning when the only emotion I am capable of feeling is, of course, the overwhelming sense of dread about the upcoming workday, I started to feel slight pangs of guilt that perhaps I had crossed a line. A privacy line. Like the line that is the doorway to my bedroom that a certain someone constantly crosses when he and his friends are entering it to use my stuff. But we won't talk about that. My feelings of guilt intensified when my mother IMed me to gently suggest that I should take the entry down. So I am. It's gone. Until the next incident, when I'll put it back up again and then take it down the next morning. It's the circle of life, people. Circle of life.