A Few Updates

My job is keeping me very busy. I did get the morning off the other day to see a doctor about my nose, which seemed to have healed in such a way that it made snapping sounds if I moved the tip from side-to-side. The doctor took a look up there, and it turns out that they have tiny little speculums just for your nostrils! Things got scary for a few minutes when he said he might have to drain some of the swelling, but then he decided that it would go away without the use of needles and what was sure to be horrible pain for me. That was as exciting as things got -- he said that the popping sounds were just because my nose hadn't healed yet, and that when it eventually did heal, there would be no more popping or pain. He also said that my nose would heal faster if I stopped making it pop to entertain/horrify friends and family members, so there goes my latest party trick. I can also look forward to spending the rest of my life with a septum shaped like an "S," as it bent up like an accordian when it got smashed, although not severely enough to cause me any breathing problems. That means I can't get a nose job and then claim that I did it to fix a deviated septum.

The lesson to be learned from all of this is that if you get kneed in the face and your nose bleeds a lot and really hurts, you should go to the ER and get it taken care of right away, so that they can straighten it out before it starts to heal. If I had done that, like Pam told me to do, my septum might be "I" shaped instead of "S" shaped today.

Also, in regards to that stupid traffic ticket I got a few months back, I sent my trial-by-mail in and am waiting to hear back on the judge's decision. I think I raised some really good points in my argument and that I will be vindicated. Okay, truthfully, I probably didn't raise any good points, but I'm banking on the Officer Why You No Stop not bothering to fill out the response and my case getting thrown out. Apparently, officers often don't bother to respond to the trial-by-mails because, unlike court appearances, they don't get paid extra for it. I'll let you all know the outcome ...