Evil Ex-Roommate seemed to be reforming his evil ways after losing his ranch job, becoming unemployed, broke, and homeless, and then getting a new job that actually paid him more than he was spending. We were talking again and I was really happy that I was finally getting my friend back after losing him during the last two years.

Like last year, we were both stuck in LA without any family for the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays and had made plans to spend the day together. I wasn't about to cook this time, though; we were going to go to a casino and spend the day basking in the artificial daylight and try to forget about the fact that we were giving the Morongo casino money even though their radio and TV ads are really annoying.

And then, of course, he backed out of our plans, saying that he didn't think we had set anything in stone and he didn't have any money for a casino anyway and, most importantly I believe, he had gotten an invitation to a party at some of his ranch friends' house. I told him that next time I would be sure to make it absolutely crystal clear that we did, in fact, have plans I was relying on to the point of not making plans with anyone else, except that there will not be a next time. We were friends since fourth grade. We are not friends any more. I told him I hoped his new friends would drag him out of his bathrub the next time he passed out drunk in it at three in the morning, stopped him from driving drunk by standing in front of his car while he screamed at them, and let him take advantage of them, because that's apparently what he needs from his friends. He said he hoped I would find some new friends who wouldn't make me sad. I said I was pretty sure I'd be able to manage that just fine. I hope I sounded a lot more sure of that than I actually felt.

This leaves me alone tomorrow with the following food items to try to make a meal out of:

-French's French Fried Onions, chedder flavor
-Pasta, dry
-Milk, skim, slightly spoiled
-Poppycock brand chocolate and peanut butter popcorn, very delicious
-Ten cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Light beer

I'm sure some type of casserole can be fashioned out of this.

Fortunately, the Stabucks down the street will be open for a few hours tomorrow, and I will drop by there for some human interaction. There are some days when they are the only people I speak to. This is why I really need to get a job outside of my apartment. Working at home has been fun, but the vacation is over. The people at Starbucks know that my first name is spelled with no "H."

Aside from all that, there are things I am happy about and thankful for and I will think of them tomorrow. Tonight I will wallow in self-pity.