Happy Holidays!

I'm sad to report that I did not have time to get some get pictures of over-decorated LA homes like last year before I flew home to Connecticut for the holidays. Do not despair too much, though, as I did manage to get a few shots of the infamous Norrywood:

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In all its glory!

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I'm not exactly sure what this means. Whose people, exactly are we supposed to feed? God's? The black mannequin in front of the sign who apparently plays a mean saxophone's? Please be more specific next year, Norrywood.

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Norrywood loves its black Santas! There's one black Santa for every David statue. And there are, like, three thousand David statues.

At least Norrywood didn't go for the this year's height of yard decoration tackiness, the giant inflatable Santa. I hate those things, but not as much as my dad, who keeps threatening to walk around the neighborhood with a pin and deflate them all.*

That's enough bitching from me, even though there are a few things I'd like to say to the place I ordered my mother's present from that didn't deliver it in time despite the fact that I ordered it WELL IN ADVANCE and it didn't seem to have any delays when it came to charging my credit card. I will send them a strongly-worded letter about this, and the stamp will have been moistened by my mother's tears, which will fall freely when she wakes up tomorrow and finds that her daughter didn't get her a present.

But anyway, happy holidays to you all!

*My dad would not actually do this. I think.