George Takei = Comedy Genius

I was sitting around my apartment, thinking about venturing out in the rain to buy some two cent stamps I need now that postage rates have increased to thirty-nine cents and all I have are the old thirty-seven cent one, when my phone rang. I walked over to pick it up and talked to my mom for about a minute before there was an awful crash, so loud that my mother heard it on the other end of the phone. "What was that?" she asked.

It was the thick glass dome cover of my ceiling light fixture. And it had fallen RIGHT WHERE I WAS JUST SITTING, smashing on the ground and sending bits of glass everywhere. This means two things:

1. My apartment manager is getting an earful from me about the importance of making sure that light fixtures are properly and securely installed before a new inhabitant moves in, and:

2. My mom totally saved my life! Please step away from your computer and give her three cheers.

It is odd, though, that my light fixture, which has gone untouched since the day I moved into this apartment back in July, would suddenly decide to succumb to gravity like that. I can only come up with one reason: forces beyond my control took issue with some of the things I said about Mr. Sulu and his protrayer, George Takei, in mine and Keckler's recap of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home after he has proven himself to be so amazingly funny on this past week's Howard Stern show. It is worth the $12.95 monthly subscription for him alone. Everything that guy says is comedy gold. Everything!

And so I take back my harsh words about George Takei, because I'm sure he cares about that and also to prevent the Trekkie God in the heavens above from sending more things crashing down on my head.