It May Be Time For A Trip Home...

Bar To Host Naked Karaoke

As you may recall from a previous entry, a bar down the street from where I spent my formative years has been engaged in almost a year of ridiculous legal struggles for the right to host a Naked Karaoke night. This past weekend, it won.

And it made national news! When I signed onto AIM just now, it was a headline in that annoying AIM today window that always pops up. A quick Google search showed that we made newspapers all over the country! We were in USA Today! That shit's in color, yo! We're famous! I have never been so proud.

Sadly, my father reports (because apparently he was there, which is something he and I will have to talk about) that while there were many performers that night, none of them actually took their clothes off.

Maybe they'll do another one soon. In which case, Pam, my invitation is still open.