All Questionably Good Things Must Come to an End

First off, sad news for fans of Our Lady of Fatima. It's even sadder when you see who was one of her last visitors, and what he gave as a present. What the hell is a 97 year-old nun going to do with a DVD?

Second, I have left the job of shellacked cakes and food on the floor. For all the complaining I did here about the job that just ended, it was a good place overall, and I had a lot of fun times there. Things got bad towards the end when I felt like a co-worker I had become good friends with turned out to be a bit of a liar and a backstabber, but the guy who will do whatever he has to to get ahead and stay ahead is in every office, so my experience isn't unique. It's just sad that ours started out so cool and fun and then changed. I hope he's happy working with the same people he used to say stood for everything that was wrong with this world. I'm going to be pretty happy at my new job, working with two people who are awesome. Good times ahead, I think.