Note From Apartment Management

There have an abundance of notes left on our door recently. The first was notifying us of a rent increase. The third was to tell us who our new manager was, our previous manager having vacated the position sometime around Thanksgiving. The second one was not a building-wide memo, but a special note just for us. It is all spelled as indicated:

"Is has been brought to my attention that one of your vehicles is leaking a tremendous amount of oil, you are required to clean your parking area every time it spills oil. If you are unable to repair your vehicle please park it on the street until you do.

Thank you,

I'm not cleaning anything until Management does something about the techno-loving unemployed frat boys who moved in downstairs. And even if Management does do something about them, I still won't clean anything because I'm not the one who bottomed out my car so hard that the oil pan was ripped off. Twice.