The Survivor: Vanuatu Finale Party

Hey, remember when I posted doctored pictures of me, my co-workers, and various Survivor: Vanuatu contestants at the premiere party? Well, now it's time for the finale party, and these pictures are REAL!

The red carpet arrival of Casey, me, Gwen, and Afsheen. I'm just going to apologize right now for the fact that I have the same facial expression in almost every single picture.

The red carpet at the time of our arrival. Apparently no one was interested in taking pictures of the stars behind the scenes. Hmph.

We watched the show in the party tent. Eliza called people bitches and then Chris won. I partook of free food and drinks. After the show, all the Survivor people joined us in the party tent. Here they are, in order of when they got kicked off the show (you'll notice that I didn't get a picture with all eighteen of them. That's because I wasn't necessarily interested in meeting everyone. Just the hot guys and the people who made it to the jury who I didn't despise):

Brook. Yep.

Oh my god, Brady is awesome. So nice, so friendly. I wrote him a letter that I will post here instead of sending to him:

My dearest Brady,

I know you just got married a few weeks ago,
but I'm sure we can still work some kind of arrangement out.
I really don't mind being The Other Woman.

All my heart,

P.S. It is so cool that you're in the FBI.

John K. I can't believe how close our faces are.

We dared Jake to go up to Rory and tell him it was a beautiful day in Vanuatu, which is something that Rory said like fifty times a day when he was on the island. I still can't believe Jake actually did it.

Chad was really nice.

Ami and her girlfriend, Chrissy. This is about as close to Ami as I really wanted to get.

Julie is cool.

I met Eliza and her mom. Eric met them, too, but I cut him out of the picture because he looked too tall next to us. Eliza's mom said she was honored that we wanted a picture with her, but if you take your shirt off on top-five television for your daughter, you deserve whatever honors can be bestowed upon you.

Ah, Scout Cloud Lee. I was not a big fan of hers on the show, but in person she was much more likable.

The one thing I wanted out of the night was a chance to meet Twila, and thank her for all the awesome moments she gave us that made our work day more enjoyable. She was actually much nicer and warmer than I expected her to be. Not that Twila is mean, but she seemed like one of those people who doesn't open up to strangers. Plus, she had just lost out on $900,000. I mean, I'd be cranky.

And finally, Chris. I don't think he gets enough credit for how well he played the game. Even though I was rooting for Twila, he really did deserve to win.

Some other photos from the party:

I have no idea what former football coach Jimmy Johnson was doing there, but Blake really wanted a picture with him, and he was semi-happy to oblige.

Besides Twila, I really wanted to meet Jeff Probst. I have developed a little crush on him through my work on Survivor. I wrote him a letter, too:

My dearest Jeff,

I would never vote you off
my island.

Warmest regards,

P.S. I love khaki!

This woman, whose very arm-warmer-clad, obnoxious-trucker-hat-wearing presence made me hate her, suddenly threw herself in front of my camera and basically forced me to take a picture of her. I have no idea who this woman is, although I heard that she was on a previous season of the show. If you recognize her, please tell me.

There were a few other ex-Survivor contestants at the party. Among them was someone I will not name because he is an attention-loving famewhore, but he was on the seventh season and got beaten in the final endurance challenge by a fifty-year-old woman wearing a Boy Scout uniform. You wouldn't think he would want to show his face in public after that, but he has no shame so there he was, taking advantage of the free drinks and forcing himself on every woman he could find. A guy from Average Joe talked to me about how he deals with the sudden pressures of fame, even though I had in no way solicited his opinion. I'll leave you with a picture this guy, who said my favorite line from Survivor ever besides everything that came out of Rudy and Twila's mouth:

"She died, dude."

See more pictures at Jake and Gwen's sites.