Feast your eyes on the sexiness that was my Halloween costume:

Awwww yeah. You can't really see the full extent of my toolbelt in this picture, but it was awesome. And it had a two-beer-bottle capacity, which proved most convenient. And you'll notice that there's no one else in this picture, which is because my companions decided not to wear costumes, and it was a costumes-only picture.

I went to two parties. A guy in scrubs said I was the hottest construction worker he'd ever seen, but since he was not the hottest doctor I'd ever seen, things did not go any further. I thought the DJ at the second party was cute, but my attempts to make conversation while he was working were limited to "do you have any DJ Shadow?" and "oh. Then do you have anything like DJ Shadow?" We talked a bit after the party and it turned out that he was a school friend of my brother's. Because if they're not gay, then they know my brother.