My First Roller Derby Bout!

So I joined the Los Angeles Derby Dolls last year by accident thanks to a certain friend of mine who tricked me into it. And I love her for it, because I'm really enjoying myself and it came at a time in my life when I wasn't enjoying much of anything and I probably wouldn't have had the guts to do this on purpose. It's been an awesome experience both physically and mentally. Except not so much this week, because now I have to actually skate in front of a paying audience and try not to embarrass myself and/or die. Oops! Don't you want to watch me get splattered across a painted wooden bank track? Well, if you live in the LA area, you totally can! Pam did a much better job with all the details than I ever could, so head on over to her site for all the info.

If you do come, be sure to cheer for #1952. Or just watch the above video for some of the greatest hits from last week's scrimmage. I'm pretty sure that's me at 0:28 sliding down the track on my face. Good times!