Vince Is Back!!!

Clearly, I am not the only person fascinated by Vince, the crappy product pitchman. Slap Chop scooped him and his little headset up for this slice of brilliance:

I love the way he throws the worthless uncleanable Slap Chop competitor behind his back into the sink. And his little pearls of wisdom! "Stop having a boring tuna, stop having boring life." He's right. My life is boring, and it's because I don't put carrots and radishes in my tuna. It's time for a change. And when he tells me life is hard enough as it is without crying over onions, he's doubly right. Life is hard, and I don't want to cry anymore! And this line: "Fettuccine linguine martini bikini." Exactly.

But is the Slap Chop made by Germans? They always make the best stuff.