Intrepid Nature Photographer

I got a hummingbird feeder earlier this year, and braved my lack of DIY skills to put it up on my porch. So far, it's paid off. Hummingbirds actually come to my feeder! Lots of them! Several a day! I can take or leave most birds, but I love hummingbirds. I tried to take pictures of my little friends to show to all of you, but for months my efforts have been futile:

The hummingbirds were either too fast, as you can see from this gray-brown blur,


or too shy, as you can see from this hummingbird's ass and adorable little feet.


And yes, hummingbirds that refuse to pose for pictures get the dreaded comic sans font. But today, I finally did it! I got a nice picture of a female Anna's hummingbird. ACCOMPLISHMENT! Behold: