Internet Dating: Y/N?

So in what I'm sure will go down in my personal history as a real high point, I got dumped. He had the gall to do it after I'd come to his house with dinner ingredients I paid for and prepared him a delicious meal. Asshole! It's been two weeks now and that's plenty of time for me to have gotten over it. Time to re-enter the dating scene and get myself a rebound! But I work at home which makes it difficult to meet people. I mean, if I wanted to date an old Russian woman with a shopping cart fetish, I'd be all set. But I don't, so I'm not. And since I work at home and usually procrastinate and watch TV instead of doing mu job, I'm always seeing commercials for various internet dating services. They've finally brainwashed me, and I'm now considering trying my hand at internet dating. Does anyone out there have any internet dating experiences to share?