Busy busy

I got promoted at work (they still haven't figured out that I'm useless) and moved to a new apartment in West Hollywood (see you later, non-responsive LAPD and ticket-crazy LADOT!) so things have been a little crazy.  

I would like to take this space to say that hiring movers is like the best thing ever.  Worth every penny.  Even if they did show up 3 hours late.  Also, do not go to the U-Haul on 4550 Hollywood Blvd.  They didn't have my truck ready on time and when I asked them to call other area U-Hauls and get a truck for me, since, you know, I paid for the truck and was expecting a truck and had movers coming in ten minutes and no truck, they said "you call U-Haul."  I was already a little stressed out, so their poor customer service caused me to explode in screams.  I had to raise my voice, you see, because the guy was walking out of the building and I needed him to hear me.   Also they said they called me the day before to tell me my truck would be late but "they wouldn't let us speak to you."  That's right -- my cell phone apparently would not let U-Haul speak to me, nor did it log any evidence of such a call being made in the first place. Either my cell is evil or U-Haul totally lied to my face.   But it all worked out in the end since the movers were late as well.  And I love my new place even if the walls appear to be made out of paper.  At least the neighbors' conversations are interesting.  Also, hardwood floors!