Short Update

My laptop is breaking down slowly but surely. I had the same problem with my last iBook, where the logicboard goes bad and somehow this makes it so I can't charge the battery. I'll plug it in and the little battery/plug icon will toggle on and off. I got this laptop from a friend to replace my ibook that died after a little more than one year because I couldn't afford to replace the logicboard or send the computer away for the repair and not have a computer for two to four weeks. And now it looks like I'm faced with the same choice here. I don't want to put $300 worth of repairs into a 3 year old iBook but I can't afford a new Macbook either. And if I could, I want to wait for the next redesign (I'm thinking the next ones will be aluminum, be 25% faster, and will be released in June). I don't know what to do, but I have a bad feeling it's going to involve me and a cheap PC craptop. Although, given Apple's track record with me (3 laptops: 1 stolen [not Apple's fault] and 2 with logicboard failures [entirely Apple's fault and has been the subject of class action lawsuits]), maybe going back to a PC isn't such a bad idea.

Enough complaining! This entry is supposed to be plugging my latest article in Soap Opera Digest, on stands this week!!!!! I'd include a picture of it but my battery meter just turned red.