Another Neighbor Took Up The Cause

So I made peace with the lady next door. She still leaves her shopping carts by the stairs, but she leaves them on the other side of the stairs, where they're not in my way. It turns out that there's another, even more Russian woman who lives next to her who's determined to put the shopping carts on the side of the stairs where they're in my way. I keep catching her do it, but when I nicely and politely (seriously, I say please and stuff) ask her to stop and to put the cart back, she does not. So I put it back for her. Then she comes outside and puts it on the other side. Then I put it back. Each time saying, "please keep it on this side. On that side, it's in my way. Thank you." The other day, she actually pushed the cart into me in her zeal to put it on the other side of the stairs. When she did it today, I was ready. With a camera!

Here she is, ready to swing the cart around and put it where it doesn't belong.

And here she is again with the cart now moved to a spot that's in my way.

Please observe the white piece of paper in her hand in the last picture. She rolled it up and hit me with it. Hit me! With a rolled up piece of paper! I could have gotten a papercut! Stupid crazy lady. How does she know I won't sue her or I'm not one of those violent Americans with a gun? She's lucky that I couldn't get the video function of my camera to work right so I didn't get her attack on tape. But I will next time, and then I'll call the police and they can explain to her why you don't 1. steal shopping carts, 2. deliberately put them in the path of other neighbors, and 3. hit people.

She does have cool sunglasses though.