It Sells Itself!

I watch a lot of random TV shows on weird channels at weird times. Therefore, I see weird, cheap commercials selling weird, cheap stuff. I think this one is my favorite:

So many questions. Why is the fact that it's made by Germans one of the big selling points? Why is Vince wearing a headset like a Gap employee? Do they think we won't notice when they show the carpet with a huge puddle in one shot and then cut to another angle and the puddle is magically gone? Why does Vince call his cameraman "camera guy" when he must know his real name? Is there some kind of tension between them, or is Vince letting his ShamWow spokesman fame go to his head? When will a ShamWow tent be coming to a parking lot near me? Why do I always want to buy one of those things when I see that commercial even though it's sooo annoying and I don't need a ShamWow in the first place?