... that's what it says on the cover of this week's Soap Opera Digest. Inside, you'll find what the table of contents calls a NEW FEATURE -- a two page article written by ME!

It's kind of amazing to know that something I wrote is sitting on grocery store checkout aisles across the country. I have no idea if this will become a regular feature or not, so if you like it and want to see more (which you will because I wrote it and therefore IT IS GREAT), please let the kind folks at Soap Opera Digest know via email or even regular mail. I'm sure my mother is emailing them up a storm from a bunch of email accounts she created specifically for this purpose, but she is just one woman and can only think of so many fake names!

And speaking of me doing stuff related to soap operas, I will be appearing on a special feature on the Dallas Season 8 DVD, which is coming out in February, which is fitting because February is Black History Month and Dallas has no black people on it. So I guess it's not very fitting at all. Buy it anyway!




Yes, that was me who was quoted in the New York Times last month, as one commenter asked in my last post. Clearly, after my successful blurb in Los Angeles magazine, I have become a highly-sought-after commenter indeed.

I finally signed onto Facebook. I'm not exactly sure how it works or why I have to be in the network of a school I graduated from years ago and have no interest in donating to, let alone being associated with it for online networking purposes, but it's fun so far. And I just love getting bulletins about roommate requests in Hi-Rise, because those are very relevant to my life now.