Many More Apologies

Yet again, I have let everyone down with my apparent refusal to update this blog at anything even remotely resembling a regular interval. And yet again, I'm very sorry for that. You see, I went and moved earlier this month (details to follow!) and now I am without high speed internet because the company I ordered it from is ridiculous and keep screwing up and every time I call to complain and ask where the hell my internet is, they put me on hold for forty minutes and then ask me to take a customer satisfaction survey. I do have dial-up, but that sucks so I only use it for TWoP stuff and it cuts off all the time so it's really not reliable enough to use for blogging. I feel so cut off from the world; the internet is my only access to the awesomeness that is daily comic Mary Worth, and all kinds of cool stuff has been going on in there and I've been missing it all! But then this place I used to work for called and asked if I could work for them for a week, and since their office has air conditioning and internet, two things my apartment does not, I jumped on it. Not to mention they pay me and I get all the frosted strawberry Poptarts I want. So that's why I'm able to update now.

My internet is supposed to make its triumphant return by the end of this week. Of course, that's what they said would happen on July 11. And then the 18th. And then the 20th. And then my head exploded so I couldn't call them anymore to get more fake dates they pulled out of their ass. Whenever I get it, I'll post all about my move and how I am free of the Evil Roommate, who went to live in a barn.