I lost my grandparents.

Not lost as in "they died," but lost as in "I can't find them."

They're visting me in LA this weekend, and they went on one of those Hollywood tours this morning. They said they would give me a call when it was done and we would do something with the rest of the day.

That was five hours ago.

Their cell phone is off and they aren't in their hotel room. My mom is going to kill me. I am the worst grandchild ever.

If you live in the Hollywood area, and come across a Jewish couple trying to figure out how to work a Canon Powershot A75 digital camera who respond to "Steve" and "Shirley" and appear to be in their 60s or early 70s, please tell them to call their very worried granddaughter.

Meanwhile, I'll call all the local Dennys and IHOPs and ask if they've seen anyone fitting that description.