Sarah Morrison From The Internet

Imagine my surprise to discover that there's some girl out there calling herself "Sarah Morrison from the Internet" and making weekly youtube vlogs where she talks about stuff like living in Los Angeles. What the hell. Who does she think she is? I AM SARA MORRISON FROM THE INTERNET. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. And it is me. The fact that we spell our first names differently means nothing because they sound the same and people are coming to my blog because they think I'm some 27-year-old who works at cinespace and likes to tell the world about my life while sitting in what appears to be a closet. Well, I'm not. I'M BETTER.

Sarah Morrison from the Internet, I challenge thee! You and I both know you google your own name, so I'm sure you'll come across this eventually. And when you do, know this: the spelling of your first name is wasteful. That H is totally unecessary. The spelling of my name is practical and efficient. Therefore, I am better. I am the ONE and the ONLY Sara Morrison from the Internet. I'm so awesome that I don't even need to give myself a title like that. I have nothing to prove. Another thing I don't have is a video camera, so I guess I won't be entering the youtube vlog world any time soon. I do, however, respect your views on Punky Brewster.