Joy And Gratitude

I joined a soccer team and played my first game since my last soccer team disintegrated six months ago yesterday morning. I am currently in great pain from very sore muscles. But! There is one thing that can make me feel better (besides a strong painkiller, of which I have none), and that is the CHECK I WAS SHOCKED TO RECEIVE FROM THE TOWING PLACE TODAY! Covering 100% of the damages! Hooray for Hollywood Tow for coming through! If you're going to park like an asshole, you couldn't be towed by a better company. Boo to my insurance company, who totally dropped the ball on this and will be losing a valued customer very soon. Because I am a valued customer. I've given them so much money and cost them nothing and they pretty much left me to handle this whole thing. If Hollywood Tow hadn't been so honorable, I would've had to waste my time in small claims court. I'm gonna go change my insurance to one of those companies that keeps leaving notices on my windshield that are entirely in Spanish except for the part that says they're only like $20 a month. They'd probably kick in a few painkillers too if I asked right.

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