Jury Duty: Day 4 of 5

I did jury duty once in Connecticut. It was a pretty good experience; I went in for one day, sat around watching movies, and then got to leave early. And my job paid me as if I had worked an entire day!

Of course, it's different in California. Here, they send you a summons for an entire WEEK, of which you may or may not have to serve any of its days. Each night after five o'clock, I have to call a phone number and they tell me whether or not I have to report in the next day. Which means I can't make any plans because I don't know if I'll be available or not. While the fleeting moment of suspense when I call the jury service number and wait to hear my fate is kind of fun, it still pretty much sucks. But you can't get out of it, so you just have to hope you don't get called. So far, I have not had to go in, which means that, if you were to stand outside my apartment door, you'd hear me exclaiming "YES! Ha ha! Eat it, justice system!" around five o'clock for the last four days. Friday is the last day of this inconvenience. Everyone think good, non-jury-duty-having thoughts tomorrow night at five o'clock PST, please.

In a delightful change from all the "maruchan instant lunch" searches that usually get people here, someone got to this blog by typing "sara morrison resume search." Whoever you are, I thank you for your interest in my job history and assure you it's awesome and I'm qualified for whatever you're thinking of hiring me for. Unless it's prostitution, and even then I'm sure we can work something out that's agreeable to both parties (just kidding, Mom!). You'll have to wait until next week to schedule me for an interview, however, as I'm not sure about my availability on Friday because California sucks.