By The Time I Get To Arizona

I received a second reminder about Jeff's pool party. They really want me to go. It's tomorrow at 3. Arizona is 6 hours away, according to mapquest.

We can purchase party hats on the way to the party. I'm sure there are some colorful selections at the various rest stops. We can probably get a gift for Jeff there as well. I wanted to get him Salt-N-Pepa's Very Necessary CD, but then it occurred to me that he probably already owned it. I mean, who doesn't?

So, who is coming with me? The rules are that you can't be crazy, creepy, or smell bad. And please behave yourselves accordingly once we get to Jeff's party, or else they won't accidentally invite me to anything else ever again! Also, if anyone has a videocamera, please bring it along. If you happen to own a party bus, that would be ideal.